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Disc Spring Washer
We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty Disc Spring Washer that can be used in various industries and constructional applications for the fitting of various types of components. They are available in various different sizes as per clients demands.
Belleville Washer
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of premium quality Belleville Washer that can be used as a fastener seating to give higher stability and rigidity. These mechanical components are machined with high precision that makes it very easier to install them within machines.
 Serrated Safety Washers
Serrated Safety Washers are special type of mechanical fastening components that are used in various industrial machines. The slotted designs of these washers ensures higher strength and rigidity in between the nuts and bolts.
Lock Rite Washer
Our company deals in the fabrication of Lock Rite Washer that are designed and developed by using best in class materials which imparts greater strength and robustness. Buyers can get these components in bulk at a reasonable price range.
Wave Spring Washer
Wave Spring Washer are sightly curved metallic components which ensures excellent shock absorbing properties to prevent impact forces and vibrations. Get these fastening agents in large quantities as per your requirements at a low price.
Reed Valves & Valve Plate
Reed Valves & Valve Plate are fittings that are commonly used in various industrial machineries such as compressors, electric motor and many more. They are available in many different sizes that can be designed according to customer demands.
Curved Washer
Curved Washer are special type of fastening components that are made up by using advanced production technologies which gives high dimensional accuracy. Best in class stainless steel is use for the fabrication of these washer to resist large impact forces and pressure.
Coil Spring
Coil Spring are highly stiff and sturdy mechanical components that are commonly used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, earthmoving and many more. Get these top quality shock absorbing components in bulk at a low price.
E-Clips are automobile engine accessories that are high temperature protected and corrosion proof, Developed from mild steel or brass or stainless steel, these accessories are reliable alternative to nuts and rivets.
Zinc Flake Coating plant
Coating of various fastening accessories like bolts, rivets, screws and nuts is executed in Zinc Flake Coating plants. These plants maintain 15 mm, 10 mm and 8 mm coating thickness to meet exact application requirements of customers.
Tooth Lock Washer
Black oxide treated Tooth Lock Washers has been designed as per DIN or ANSI norms. These washers are used as suitable locking accessories for mechanical equipments, poles etc. Accurate dimension and high strength are the key aspects of these washers.